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Design Portfolio of Amy Koch Johnson Visit Amy Koch Johnson's LinkedIn profile


Work Seeking:

Art - Full Time

I specialize In...

Illustration (traditional)
Book Cover Design
Branding & Corporate Identity

Where am I?

Los Angeles, California United States

About me...

Hi, I am an illustrator, Fine Artist, I create Logo's, to Realistic Art Pieces for clients.

About this image...

Comic, Carcature for design purposes , branding, etc
Styleapple, Inc's Fashion Design/Apparel Image -  Location - New York City NY  United States
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Visit Amy Koch Johnson's Personal Portfolio Site
posted by: Amy Koch Johnson on Aug. 2, 2011
I have been making Vector Prints for 2 companies this past week a Needle point Co. and a Rubber Stamp company, then Comic Art for a writer.

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